We are going into the STUDIO!

We are so excited to say that we are going back into the studio to record our 2nd full length album!!! We will be working with world class recording engineer, Dean Watson from Gallery Sound, who recently took home the grand prize of Studio of the Year at the 2023 Ottawa Awards – FACES Magazine. We had the privilege of working with Dean on our first full length album and there’s no doubt this one will be just as epic, if not more so.

“We are very happy with the new music for this album. We have all grown as musicians since our last release, the band has evolved and we are really pushing the musical envelope on this one….pushing our skills as far as we possibly can. I really can’t wait to hear the finished product, these are killer tracks: from upbeat, get-up-and-dance, to rockin’ blues guitar riffs to rip-your-heart out soulful songs that pull from our favorite moments of Motown favs….Our aim to is to capture the best raw emotion while we’re in the studio so that you, the listener, can live these songs like we do. And just wait until you hear what we do to these bad boys live….” ~Ange

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