We are the Angelina Hunter Trio!

The Angelina Hunter Trio, or AHT, are comprised of three friends who are veterans of the Ottawa scene.  The band is based on the vocal and guitar stylings of Angelina Hunter.
This conglomeration consists of vast influences of music, styles and tastes-from hard rock, gospel, soul, blues, jazzy flavors, pop, or whatever we want to play at any given time, stirred up and blown back out at the audience. 

Whatever we do, it’s delivered with passion and it’s all give.  The band has an almost molecular connection to each other onstage, which allows us to veer into exciting jams and explorations at any time.

We three have been very fortunate to be a part of many shows and festivals.  This culminated in 2017/18 with a win at the Road to Memphis competition in Ottawa.  This allowed us to compete in the International Blues Competition in Memphis.  Playing blues on Beale Street for a week was an absolute dream come true!  We also were delighted to perform at various festivals such as the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, The RBC Ottawa Bluesfest and many more.

Since then, we have seen our debut album, ROLL WITH IT, and its follow-up EP, RIGHT KIND OF CROOKED released to acclaim across most fine online streaming platforms. 
See you at the shows!


The namesake of our band.  We have grown and cultivated our sound around Angie’s vocal and guitar sound.  Our sassy redhead in residence is a double threat…when she plugs in her Stratocaster, expect a wide range of style, emotion and power.  She can lull you in with sweet melodies and sear you with razor sharp blues attitude.  

But let’s talk about that VOICE.  Angie has the power to shrink a venue or blow it up with her voice alone.  Totally unique, when she begins to sing, she sounds like no one else.  She can tell a story with her voice or bewitch you.  It’s a powerful instrument on its own.

ADAM BELL  aka “965”  aka “Angry Jesus”  BASS

Not sure how this horror movie loving weirdo ended up here…He might be a little…off…All he wants to do lob riffs at people, but thankfully the rest of the band seems to support this.  Adam, lays down warm, full textures but also loves to grind his bass, all to “shove the groove along”.  He tends to swear a little too much and yells at the audience (or to no one at all), but he’s here where he belongs.

SANDY HUNTER  aka “Thunderkick”  DRUMS

Sandy is our engine, our driving force.  Sandy is one of the most versatile drummers you will ever see.  Sandy will play around with mood and texture throughout the entire show-going from a jazz inflected touch to a hammering machine.  Sandy does more than hold down the fort, like any great drummer, he builds a forceful foundation to get the band off.  And he will do it all with a big smile on his face, and watch for when he begins to bounce!